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Our sound could fall into a diamond outlined by Pantera, Tool, Alice in Chains and Floater though our tentacles reach far beyond in many other styles.

We have supported national bands such as Powerman 5K, Floater, Supersuckers, As I Lay Dying, Kitty

And NW regional acts: The Thornes, Somewhere Between, Jack Inferno, Third Seven, Larry and His Flask, Mendozza (Vancouver BC)


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What A Twisted Tale Tentareign Can Tell ... 

In 2005 Hannah Costa and her brother Jason finally came together in full force, Their musical relationship  
started long long ago. When Jason was 12 years old he received his first guitar from ... Full Description 
Master Musician parents Frank and Julie. Hannah too received a guitar at the age of 10. These instruments weren't  
the first the musically gifted young had ever played. Jason had earned a prestigious place in a youth philharmonic  
from playing and studying classical violin. Hannah also played and studied classical violin grooming to study  
further at Juliard. As the two classically trained gifted duo took to guitar, the creative juices were poised to boil.  
Time has a way of coming around. 

After writing nearly 20 songs in the late 90s the road was being paved one step ahead of them. Jason and Hannah turned 
 their attentions to rock and roll and prospered throughout junior and high school playing in various rock and metal bands. 
 After high school, Hannah attended Berklee College of Music and then returned to Oregon and settled in Central Oregon.  
She turned her focus to starting a band called Holden Caulfield. At just over two years Andy Hoard joined and began  
drumming in the band. Andy's growth is a bit more simple. He played many instruments growing up and then settled on drums at age 13.  After the end of Holden Caulfield, Andy and Hannah began a band under the moniker of Mersai with bass guitar virtuoso  Jordan Muller (Independent). Mersai prospered gaining great attention for fantastic songwriting and diamond edged performances.  Mersai self-produced their first record. During the tenure of Mersai, Jason and Hannah once again reforged their unique signature styles and created Tentareign as a side project and musical release. Drummer Dustin Jacques (Hoggwash, Symbolic) rounded out the line-up. The band began picking up steam and hit the ground running. Mersai had come to a close and Andy went on to begin "all balls" rock trio Phelp with friends Dylan Alm (Third Fire, Sons of Dirt) and Jeremy Magee (Third Fire, Sons of Dirt, Thought Police) on bass and guitar respectively. Phelp too began earning a loyal fan base. After the departure of Jacques, Andy filled two one off slots for Tentareign. Drummer Derek Brendle (Independent) came in to fill the empty throne. With Brendle Tentareign rolled on and gained even more exposure. 

With the departure of Brendle, Andy Hoard was heavily recruited. Andy made the choice to leave Phelp thus Tentareign  
reached its current line up. After 7 short months of playing live and crafting songs, the band recorded its first album  
in a secure undisclosed location. The capturing of the project was overseen by engineer Tyler Moss (Underground genius,  
songwriter, guitarist, vocalist). The self produced record "The Power Between" is currently out and for sale at Ranch Records in Bend, Oregon and at our shows. 

Hannah and Andy married and with that bond, music is truly the family business.

2019 comes in with the band recording their 4th studio album and releasing their 2nd and 3rd in a joint double album.